Pearl L.

In the few weeks coming up to my experience I had started dreaming about my dog who died in 2011. These dreams were pleasant as though he was trying to comfort me and make me happy. I hadn’t dreamt about him for a while prior to those weeks. On the date given, I had thought about Fabregas before going to Read More →

Laura D.

November:After Thanksgiving was over and all of my family left, I felt it was a good day over all. I did feel an overwhelming feeling of being alone and missing my husband on this first Thanksgiving without him. I went to bed. I must state that for months, no matter who spends the night, we are all awakened at around Read More →

Hannah D.

It has been 15 years since my experience, obviously the emotions and extreme details have faded a bit, but the experience was very short and “to the point”: I awoke (very emotionally charged, sad, but comforted) from dreaming of a “white picket fence”, then quickly switching to being in my grandparents’ home..I looked over and saw my grandfather to the Read More →

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