Jeanne Z.

The year I turned twenty-five, I gave birth to my daughter on December 30, 1969. The following week, I completely hemorrhaged out and had a near-death experience. This phrase was not even in existence at the time of my experience. Raymond Moody would write the first book on the subject ‘Life after Death’ in 1975 and coin the term, ‘Near Read More →

Donna W.

After the first impact, I felt myself outside of my body. There was no pain or body sensation. After the second impact, when the vehicle became separated from the train, it was thrown up and then came to a rest on the lateral train railing. I sensed myself in a funnel-like atmosphere. My life was regressing at a very fast Read More →

Wendy S.

Feb 13th 2013. I spent the day at work during a large snow storm. I carry the auto immune disease Henoch-Shonliein purpura, very rare. [Editor’s Notation: An inflammatory disease of the small blood vessels.] I was currently taking medication for this. I left work around 4 pm. My legs and hands were swollen. I left work early because I did Read More →

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