Leonard K.

I got sick with appendicitis back when I was 8 years old. This was just like the little boy who helped his father write ‘Heaven Is Real’ only mine happened back in 1963. It was just a month or so before JFK was assassinated. I remember getting sick at the dinner table after playing outside in piles of autumn leaves. Read More →

Analia R.

My experience occurred during urgent surgery at the age of 19. I very well remember everything that happened. I know that at that given moment, I was having my operation, obviously anesthetized, I found myself looking down at myself from above, from the ceiling of the operating theatre. I could see myself in my hospital bed, with the doctors and Read More →

Bobby H.

At the age of 8, my brother and I underwent elective tonsillectomies. Upon having tonsils removed, I was sent to the post-operation room. At some point immediately following the surgery, I began to hemorrhage. I remember hearing panicked voices all around me. There was urgency in their voices and then the sensation of being moved. I was quickly being wheeled Read More →