Ana C.

They had to operate on me a second time to extract the liquid that was surrounding my heart and lungs. This was making it very hard to breathe. They found it was full of Staphylococcus aureus. Some patients are able to hear and feel much earlier than others, after anesthesia. I realized that the surgery had begun, I was alive, Read More →

Patrick V.

When I was in my 30s, I became very depressed. Eventually it took me over completely and I decided to commit suicide. I took large doses of medication and went to bed. Eventually this stopped my body from working and I crossed time/space to another dimension. I looked up and heard a voice saying, ‘I will give you two coins, Read More →

Susan F.

Experience #1 – Suffocated in the snow. Prior to the event, my mom agreed to let us go out after nap time ended, to play in the snow. I was happy to do it because being self-absorbed in playtime is something two and three year olds love to do! So mom got us dressed and off we went into the Read More →