I was not feeling well and I wasn’t paying attention to my driving. I reached an intersection and looked to both sides of the street without much care. I did not see any cars coming, so I continued along my way. Suddenly, I heard a loud car horn followed by a loud crashing sound. At that moment, I found myself Read More →

Cindy J.

Extreme fear before losing consciousness. Then slowly faded to black. Then I was jolted awake and was moving down tunnel very fast. The noise in the tunnel very loud. I was moving down the tunnel toward white light. I was passing through a membrane or curtain into white light and at same time felt myself disintegrate into atoms or particles Read More →

Leonard K.

I got sick with appendicitis back when I was 8 years old. This was just like the little boy who helped his father write ‘Heaven Is Real’ only mine happened back in 1963. It was just a month or so before JFK was assassinated. I remember getting sick at the dinner table after playing outside in piles of autumn leaves. Read More →

Wendy S.

Feb 13th 2013. I spent the day at work during a large snow storm. I carry the auto immune disease Henoch-Shonliein purpura, very rare. [Editor’s Notation: An inflammatory disease of the small blood vessels.] I was currently taking medication for this. I left work around 4 pm. My legs and hands were swollen. I left work early because I did Read More →

Jeremie L.

I was on the surgery table and so my eyes were closed, and I was in the state of general anesthesia. I had a moment of expulsion out of my body, where I found myself floating in the air, and the pleasure of being able to see everything that happened around me; the discussions of the doctors, and life without Read More →

Scott W.

Here is an excerpt of my story, from the night of my heart attack: I realized that the moment I had been praying, there was something really different about the level of connection of my prayer. I didn’t feel like I was away from my body. From the time I knew I had arrested, I felt that I had a Read More →

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