Cindy J.

Extreme fear before losing consciousness. Then slowly faded to black. Then I was jolted awake and was moving down tunnel very fast. The noise in the tunnel very loud. I was moving down the tunnel toward white light. I was passing through a membrane or curtain into white light and at same time felt myself disintegrate into atoms or particles Read More →

Jeremie L.

I was on the surgery table and so my eyes were closed, and I was in the state of general anesthesia. I had a moment of expulsion out of my body, where I found myself floating in the air, and the pleasure of being able to see everything that happened around me; the discussions of the doctors, and life without Read More →

Javier G.

The underground train crashed. It was dark inside the earthly tunnel. The twisted metal compressed some human bodies and decapitated others. Huge rats were attracted by so many mutilated bodies, blood and dirt. The rescuers moved slowly, having no choice but to step on bodies of dead people, knowing they could do nothing for them. I heard someone comment that Read More →

Joe H.

Bam! ‘That had to be a plane,’ I thought to myself. Nothing else could possibly be moving that fast. The force of the impact had snapped the drivers seat off and I felt the car being catapulted forward. That in itself was alarming. I had been traveling north on I-75 just north of Atlanta, GA and had just been readying Read More →

Joel B.

I got married on the 15th of January 1970. This happened on the 18th of January 1970 at 10:20 am. I was trying to fix a control in an electrical cabinet. I was moving a measuring device, while watching an ampere meter measuring between two phases, of which one was 380 volts. Following a wrong movement, a short circuit happened. Read More →

Joanne L.

I remember my eyes bouncing and I felt decidedly faint. I saw the nurse’s face when she placed the monitor on me and couldn’t get the babies heartbeat. I knew something wasn’t right. I sort of remember the feeling like something warm enveloped my being as I lost consciousness. I felt so calm and peaceful; more peaceful than any words Read More →


I had an automobile accident. Three days later, according to my social worker, the doctors told me they could operate to attempt to straighten the bone at the bridge of the nose, which had been broken in the impact. I agreed to this and they started to get me ready for surgery. When everything was OK, they took me to Read More →

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