Alena B.

The accident happened in my barn as I was passing by the horse. The horse was in the corridor tied on cross ties. She is young, a three year old horse that I use for breeding. I finished cleaning her, and we both were having a good time. As I finished with the task, I was passing by her head moving towards her tail, to grab the lead rope to take her to the stall. The horse spooked for some reason, bolted back with all her might and one of the cross ties snapped. She lost her balance and literately pulled me under herself, ripping off all the muscles from my right shoulder. The horse fell on me, squashing me between her hip, the wall, and a concrete floor.

All of the sudden everything went ‘white’ and very clear in my head. All I could hear in my head were ‘crack, crack’ sounds, as my bones were breaking. The horse was still on the second cross tire and panicking. She needed to get up. To do that, she fell back to the side, onto me to gain a momentum to get up. At this point, I could hear another round of ‘cracking’ noises. Then all went totally white and I went into the tunnel with the brightest light at the end.

When I was in the tunnel, it was not a physical experience. It was still me, but I would say that it was an out of the body experience. My body did not take part in it.

The tunnel was made of solid material. I could not tell what kind of material as if it was metal or plastic. The walls were smooth and there was nothing for me to grasp.

The Light at the end of the tunnel was super bright.

But the major factor was the strongest pulling force coming from the light-end of the tunnel and pulling me through the tunnel and into the light.

All I knew is that I did not want to go to that light. I knew it would be the end of me! It was the point where I would disappear forever. There were no positive or negative emotions. It was very matter-of-fact.

I was trying to resist that strong pull, trying to hold onto the walls of the tunnel. That is why I know the walls were smooth, as I did not have anything to grasp.

All my being and all my power was guided to resist that force. Yet, the force seemed to be stronger than I was. I knew that I was losing a battle.

In the end, I was s-o-o-o-o very tired that my grip got weaker and weaker until my energy was limp. I had nothing left in me to resist.

All of the sudden, that pulling force disappeared.

Then all I could feel was an eternal peace and love. The Love-enlightened feeling was overwhelming. It is still in me, even two years later. Another feeling was the notion that from now on, everything is going to be good. I woke up seeing people were looking over me. That is when I felt myself returning into my body very slowly, as if I was filling back into myself. In retrospect, I felt that all the Angels were there to help me to survive and be well. I did not see them, but I felt their presence.

Even though my right arm was hanging in the ‘skin,’ I knew all is going to be good, and I will heal well.

I knew that, now I should take good care of myself because I was needed for something bigger. Despite the terrible physical pain, I knew that I couldn’t go into pain shock. I should maintain control to see that my body is taken care of; it was like a mission: I felt driven.