Pearl L.

In the few weeks coming up to my experience I had started dreaming about my dog who died in 2011. These dreams were pleasant as though he was trying to comfort me and make me happy. I hadn’t dreamt about him for a while prior to those weeks. On the date given, I had thought … Read more

Hannah D.

It has been 15 years since my experience, obviously the emotions and extreme details have faded a bit, but the experience was very short and “to the point”: I awoke (very emotionally charged, sad, but comforted) from dreaming of a “white picket fence”, then quickly switching to being in my grandparents’ home..I looked over and … Read more

Dixie J.

My ex-husband died unexpectedly from brain cancer in 1992. I carried a lot of guilt for the way I had treated him during our short marriage and was deeply disturbed that time had run out before I could verbalize to him the way I felt. Two months after his death I traveled to Saudi Arabia … Read more

Dawn K.

It was Easter 2006, at about 1 AM. It was not hot or cold outside, so no AC was on or windows were open. I was praying and crying and talking to God about why He had taken my twin sister. My eyes had adjusted to the dark, and I was lying on my back. … Read more


Early this year I blew my knee out and often due to the discomfort of it, I found myself sleeping on the couch. It had been a really rough year since I had to put down my little dog ( I called him Sweet Baby, even though his name was Rango). Anybody that has had … Read more

Christine V.

My story is the one of the man of my life. My soul mate. On the 5th of May, a morning like many others. My man wasn’t feeling well, I even suppose that he slept in sitting position, as he did since some time, he said that it felt more comfortable. He took his breakfast … Read more