Dawn K.

It was Easter 2006, at about 1 AM. It was not hot or cold outside, so no AC was on or windows were open. I was praying and crying and talking to God about why He had taken my twin sister. My eyes had adjusted to the dark, and I was lying on my back. All of the sudden the ceiling fan, which I had been staring at as I prayed, started to turn around slowly. It did one complete rotation and then stopped. There was no draft in the room, nor had it been on for hours. I felt that she was saying she was somewhere…still alive.

Also, at another time, I felt something touching the back of my head as if someone was playing with my hair.

I had two dreams about her. One, she had left the hospital and we knew she was still going to die, even though she was lucid and seemed healthy. The other she appeared to me while I was sitting in a chair and I fell to the floor in tears. She knelt down beside me and hugged me and told me everything would be alright.