Early this year I blew my knee out and often due to the discomfort of it, I found myself sleeping on the couch. It had been a really rough year since I had to put down my little dog ( I called him Sweet Baby, even though his name was Rango). Anybody that has had a dog, knows the unconditional love that they provide. He was my little love. He was a little life that I could care for again since my children are grown. In my “dream” I was in the living room and I saw my little sweet boy show up and I said to him, ” Sweet Baby, I am so happy to see you. I have missed you so much.” I knew that he wasn’t supposed to be there because he was gone physically. In my dream, I called out to my husband and said, “Ken, you have to hurry. Sweet Baby is here and he is going to leave if you don’t get here soon.” I was overjoyed with seeing my little love and I rubbed his head with my fingers like I used to do and I could literally feel his little skull under his little furry head. I rubbed behind his ears like I used to do and he was so happy. I scratched his sides and kissed his head. I told him again how much that I had missed him. He finally had to leave. After the “dream” I woke up and was surprised to find that I was asleep. It was so real. The touch of him, the smell, the reality. There was nothing weird about it (like dreams have a tendency to do). It was amazing.