Christine V.

My story is the one of the man of my life. My soul mate. On the 5th of May, a morning like many others. My man wasn’t feeling well, I even suppose that he slept in sitting position, as he did since some time, he said that it felt more comfortable. He took his breakfast and called me to tell that he didn’t feel good. I ran upstairs to help him. Seeing that he was really bad I called 911, at the same time I saw his lips turning blue. I talked to the employee and she told me to perform massage, as it was evident that his heart was stopped. So I massaged during 20 minutes until the arrival of the ambulance people. But I suspected that his soul left me, as during the massage I saw such an intense light in his eyes, the color of his eyes had turned into a bright green, like the new green in spring. The day following this tragedy, my Norman came to visit me, he was lost and didn’t know what to do. I told him that he died and if he was well aware, then I asked my mother to help, as my mother died less than a year before this event. The second day after my Norman transmitted all the love he had to me, this love that I felt was so intense, that it is difficult to find the words to define it.

Therefore for me, there is certainty that there is life after death.