Robert M.

Each of my experience’s were different and unexpected.

The first experience was as a child of 12 years old.

My infant sister [1 years old] shared my bedroom, I had a habit of waking up during the night, getting out of my bed and checking on her while she slept in her crib.

This particular night was the same, with the exception that when I looked at her, she appeared as my deceased great grandmother.

For a moment I was thinking I was seeing things so I rubbed my eyes and looked again, and it was still my deceased grandmother.

Needless to say I became frightened and ran into the bathroom and slept on the floor.

My second experience was when I was about 21 or 22 years old.

I was living in Manhattan, and had a dog.

My habit was to wake up…slide my pants on and immediately walk the dog.

This particular morning I woke up…stood up…pulled my pants on and suddenly felt totally exhausted and paralyzed, and had to sit / lie down

With my eyes wide open, what appeared to be a fog seem to drift from the apt door [studio apt] to my bed and back to the door.

As soon as the fog left the apt. I regained my strength, grabbed the dog and ran for the door.

My next experience I was about 26 years old, on the night my partners mother, Annie Mae died.

On that night, while in bed, she appeared at the foot of my bed.

Thinking I was groggy, I rubbed my eyes, looked and she was still standing there, for but a few seconds more, then vanished.

No words were spoken.

A work friend [Glenn] became very ill, and was hospitalized. [about 20 years ago]

I planned a visit on a Saturday, I live in San Clemente Ca. and he was in a hospital about an hour away.

We spoke that morning, he told me not to worry, the he wasn’t going to die, and not come that day because his Mother was there and he wanted to spend time alone with her….so I agreed.

Sitting in my back yard, I started to dose off, and Glenn came to me in my dream and was saying something that I could not hear.

I woke abruptly and had a strange, urgent feeling about the dream and decided that we [my partner and I] would go to the hospital anyway, even if we had to wait till Glenn’s Mother left.

We drove to the hospital, asked what room Glenn was in, and was told he wasn’t there.

I said there must be a mistake because I spoke to him a few hour’s ago.

Upon further looking, the reception person informed us that Glenn had Passed Away the same time I was having my dream.

At this time I was working in La, and had been working away from home for a few weeks.

I was exhausted, but eager to get back home, and decided I would drive even though I was very tired.

It was still day light and I was on a toll road with many hilly steep declines.

All I remember was falling sound asleep and starting to dream, and my deceased Mother’s voice screaming, loudly and clearly….. Robert….!!!!

As I jolted awake I was headed to a cliff, gained control of the car.

Needless to say I was shaken.

It has been a little over a year since my Partner Tom, who I had been with for 48 passed away, at home, after a long illness [cancer]

Since Toms death, I feel Tom touching my neck, in many moments of sadness. [fully awake]

I have heard him say my name, call me, kiss me, hold my hand, feeling him get out of bed….etc. etc. [generally while I am just waking]

My dream’s consist, mostly of, but not all, deceased relatives and friends, so to list these dreams would have me typing a book.