Bonnie M.

I was carrying a resentment towards a family member who was judging me concerning my grief and my relationship with my mother. I thought I would get it all out on paper and then I thought I would post it on Facebook (without names). It was a bitter essay of vitriol and vile language. After typing it, I hit enter and instead of the hate filled rant being posted, this was posted instead “Angels are here with us” – my awful essay was no where to be found. As I looked at the sentence, I realized it was a link to another Facebook page. When I clicked the page, I discovered it was about a man who lost his mother and his experience with a visit from her. It felt like I was being stopped from posting that and redirected by a message from my mom. It was a 2 part gift. 1 – a message from my mom that she was near with angels and 2 – that awful manifestation of hatred was not posted.