Robert B.

When I was in high school, I met a girl that had two kids. Jake, 3 and Megan, 2. I introduced MY brother to this girl and they started dating. I became the baby sitter.. They eventually had a kid together. When the split up, I stayed still babysitting… years passed. The kids grew. Megan was a freshman in high school when I realized I was in love with her. Thinking back, I believe she knew this before I ever admitted it to her. She came onto me on several occasions.. As much as I wanted her, and loved her, I chose to leave instead of getting involved. Five years went by.

On May 23rd, 2014 she was killed in a car collision at 5:08 am. I woke up at the same time, 5:08 am, 1200 miles away. I had no idea that she was dead. I sat in the dark and as it started getting light out, I received a call and was informed of her death. I remember this day and always will. I played on my floor wanting to kill myself for five days. The sixth day I stood obsessed suddenly with going to the place she had been killed… less than 24 hours later, I stepped off a plane and got into a friends truck. He drove me immediately to the place she died. As I approached I felt wild energy.. I fell to my knees in front of a picture of her on the bank next to the highway. That’s when it happened. She flooded into me… energy like I’ve never experienced… She answers every question I thought I would never know, eased all my doubts. The person that brought me to the spot was screaming. As I stood finally I wasn’t me… I was her. Her last moment.. Her fear, what she seen.. then a huge red flash a giant heart beat pulse darkness fear a bright pin point of light racing toward it, then blinding light. Then I’m alongside the highway looking at her picture again. I went to that spot everyday for four days.. I didn’t realize on the forth day that I would be flying home the next day, I took the picture. As I was leaving I felt a thought ” don’t leave me here” I turned around, jumped the ditch and grabbed that picture. I still have it. It still changes expressions to me.. It’s the truth. This is my experience. I’ve come close to insanity because of it.

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