Pearl L.

In the few weeks coming up to my experience I had started dreaming about my dog who died in 2011. These dreams were pleasant as though he was trying to comfort me and make me happy. I hadn’t dreamt about him for a while prior to those weeks.

On the date given, I had thought about Fabregas before going to bed, and after having usual dreams, suddenly they changed. I was in a white room with my dog and it was unclear where the boundaries of walls where, almost as though the only physical things present were myself and my dog. He then leapt with his front paws onto my shoulders but instead of looking happy as usual, he looked concerned. He jumped down to stand on the floor and pushed his side into me but when I stroked him as I usually would he bared his teeth and looked in pain.

I then woke up around 2/3 am.

It was a sad dream, but I went back to sleep.

The next morning around 8am we got a phone call from our house sitter (in North East England) that she had come downstairs and found our dog dead.

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