Mike M.

I liked running at the YMCA in downtown and did so every chance I could. It was a Saturday morning and I had been running for about 15 minutes. Suddenly, I was aware that I was standing over a man who was lying on the ground. Attendants began working on him performing CPR and trying … Read more

Sue Ann

In the ambulance, I remember telling the emergency medical technician (EMT) while on the way to the hospital, that ‘I’m dying; I can feel that I’m going.’ She yelled, ‘no, no, no, you’re not! Stay with me!’ I even heard the machine I was connected start beeping as I flat-lined. The next thing I know, … Read more


I underwent surgery for papillary cancer. The moment I awoke from the anaesthesia, it was difficult. I just wanted to cry and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t move. It was the first time I had had surgery. Two years later, I underwent another operation. This time it was the one in which I had … Read more

Dave Z.

I have no memory of the event prior to my NDE. I had a sudden cardiac arrest at a tennis club on Friday 11/8/2013. I woke up Tuesday, 5 days later, in hospital bed. I was unconscious, or in ‘cold coma’ from the event until I woke. The experience is the only thing I remember. … Read more