It was winter during school holidays. I was home alone. I ate breakfast and having gotten my little brother’s sled, I went off to sled on the ravine. It was a homemade sled, very heavy, made from metal in the shape of a little chair, with a strong back. The ravine was what we called the large quarry with little hills. Here we went sledding in the winter and the three ponds where we sunbathed and swam in the summer. There were already many children on the hill.

Children would go down the hillside, jump on a trampoline, and then go further down the hill. I had been thinking how nice it would be to jump on the trampoline. But everything ended up differently. I jumped on the trampoline, but fell with my spine on the edge of the back of the sled. I wanted to cry out, but only wheezed. A horrible pain went through my whole body and I was seeing stars. My final thought was, ‘I won’t survive this pain.’ I started to black out, my thoughts became confused, and I thought that I was dying.

Suddenly, I felt a large improvement. My thoughts became distinct and clear. I was pulled upward where I saw a bright white light. But the light did not blind me, it was calming and pleasant. I thought, ‘What is that? What’s happening to me?’ Then I saw myself in a meadow. I sat on the grass and was playing with the grass and flowers. The part of the meadow I was on was separated from another part by a small stream. On the other side was a girl, about 13 years old, sitting and holding a little book. There were four children sitting and listening to her. They briefly looked at me and then continued to do what they were doing. I somehow knew that I had to wait here until my fate: to stay here or to go back was decided. But I wanted to stay.

Suddenly I heard someone calling, ‘Miss, Miss!’ I thought that someone was calling the girl, so I continued to sit there. Then the girl said to me, ‘Don’t you hear, they’re calling you. Go back!’ I answered, ‘I don’t want to go back. I like it here.’ We again heard the call, and the girl said, ‘Go back, they’re disrupting us.’ ‘Fine,’ I said, ‘I’ll go tell them to stop bothering us and then I’ll come back.’ The girl only smiled at my words. I went to the edge of the stream and looked down. I saw myself lying in the snow with my arms thrown wide. At that instant I came to in my body.

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