Randall R.

I was immediately transported to a dark room where a man was sitting beside me for comfort. I never saw his face and he never spoke to me. I knew I was dying and kept repeating, ‘Why is it taking so long?’ and ‘I just want to move on.’ I would walk from one side of this room to the other and this man would stay right beside me. Then off to my left, a bright white light appeared. In that light, I felt my deceased mother’s presence. I felt so much peace and comfort that I was reaching with both arms for her to take me into the light. Then a hand appeared in front of me, motioning me to stop. Then a finger pointing down. I knew then I was being told to go back. I can’t explain the disappointment and sadness of not entering the light with my mother. Then a male voice said to me, ‘There can’t be two Randall R’s on earth.’

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