I underwent surgery for papillary cancer. The moment I awoke from the anaesthesia, it was difficult. I just wanted to cry and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t move. It was the first time I had had surgery.

Two years later, I underwent another operation. This time it was the one in which I had the experience. They gave me general anaesthetic. I began to feel happy. I found myself in a garden with beautiful golden yellow flowers, maybe a relative of the sunflower. I went along touching the flowers with my hands. I started to feel an indescribable emotion akin to extreme happiness. As I walked along, I saw in the background a very bright light. It was as if looking directly at a spotlight. It was too strong, but it made me so happy to look at it. I ran and ran to be with this light because I wanted to stay there forever. Immediately, they threw me out of this place.

I know they threw me out because when I woke up the doctor was shaking me, and calling me, “Diana, Diana wake up wake up!” I felt very badly that I wasn’t able to stay in that place.

This was my experience. I have read a lot about these things; in spite of my young age, because I have a sensitivity towards energies, and an interest in these subjects, as I have inherited them from my father.