Jennifer W.

I had undergone stabilization surgery for my unusually severe scoliosis and for a spinal fusion. I spent 13 hours in the operating room and I was told that I had been admitted to my own room for about 3 hours. The nurses were monitoring me as I woke from the anesthesia. After about 10 minutes, … Read more


I had an automobile accident. Three days later, according to my social worker, the doctors told me they could operate to attempt to straighten the bone at the bridge of the nose, which had been broken in the impact. I agreed to this and they started to get me ready for surgery. When everything was … Read more

Alex H.

I was looking down from the ceiling of a room at myself. Everything was very white and bright. My body was lying on a surgery-type bed with medical staff around it. One person was trying to wrap a silver blanket over my body and I could clearly hear them saying, ‘Breathe, Alex, breathe. Come on, … Read more


I underwent surgery for papillary cancer. The moment I awoke from the anaesthesia, it was difficult. I just wanted to cry and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t move. It was the first time I had had surgery. Two years later, I underwent another operation. This time it was the one in which I had … Read more


Following a pharyngitis that wasn’t healing, I woke up with a swollen face. My eye was almost completely closed. I was urgently operated on because I was diagnosed with septicemia, abscesses in my lungs, and I had a clot in the left jugular vein that had a high chance of causing several strokes. My last … Read more


I had surgery on my belly while under general anesthesia in a hospital. When waking up, I was constantly vomiting. Then I remember that I suddenly found myself like being isolated in my head, as if being in a fish bowl. I saw the silhouettes of the nurses and it was impossible for me to … Read more