Jennifer W.

I had undergone stabilization surgery for my unusually severe scoliosis and for a spinal fusion. I spent 13 hours in the operating room and I was told that I had been admitted to my own room for about 3 hours. The nurses were monitoring me as I woke from the anesthesia. After about 10 minutes, … Read more


I developed acute pain in my abdomen that was diagnosed as appendicitis. I took some analgesics and antibiotics. Then I consulted a surgeon in a private hospital and he concurred with my diagnosis. As it was an inflammatory type of diagnosis, he suggested removing the appendix without any delay. My mother was with me the … Read more


I had an automobile accident. Three days later, according to my social worker, the doctors told me they could operate to attempt to straighten the bone at the bridge of the nose, which had been broken in the impact. I agreed to this and they started to get me ready for surgery. When everything was … Read more


I was bleeding internally so was immediately taken to surgery. I would have died for sure without surgery, or at least that is what everybody thought. It is like a miracle of odds that I survived and am doing very well today. I distinctly remember feeling like I was being lifted. It was like I … Read more