I developed acute pain in my abdomen that was diagnosed as appendicitis. I took some analgesics and antibiotics. Then I consulted a surgeon in a private hospital and he concurred with my diagnosis. As it was an inflammatory type of diagnosis, he suggested removing the appendix without any delay. My mother was with me the night prior to the surgery. She expressed that she was afraid that something might go wrong. I consoled her, telling her that I understood her anxiety as it was expected. But I noticed that I was, also, afraid of death. I sat down, meditated, and prayed. I said to myself that ‘I am a soul inside this body; my conscious is clear, God shall guide me, and I shall not fear’. I was relieved of fear immediately and slept like a baby. They took me to operating room. I had mixed feelings, but had decided to remain calm. The doctors appreciated my attitude and an anesthesia injection was given to me.

I counted to about 12 and noticed that I was in complete consciousness but felt bodiless and a kind of lightness. It was like being lifted above the cot. I felt bright and saw myself moving effortlessly inside a self-illuminated tube. The tube had a brightness, which I have never seen. It was a divine brightness and a pleasurable experience. I insisted on moving forward, but suddenly started feeling the reverse events. I felt heaviness of the body, as I started carrying the weight when I moved. I then heard doctors conversing among themselves.

When I opened my eyes, I saw they had a fresh sign of relief over their faces. I was curious of what had happened in the operating room. On enquiring, one of the doctors said hesitantly that I was dead during the last stage of surgery, but he didn’t reveal anything more than that.

I believe this was one more sign of my creator, as I have been blessed with many events that are more miraculous in my life. Today, I live nearer to God.