I was bleeding internally so was immediately taken to surgery. I would have died for sure without surgery, or at least that is what everybody thought. It is like a miracle of odds that I survived and am doing very well today. I distinctly remember feeling like I was being lifted. It was like I … Read more

Jeff D.

I had been shot eight times, including one bullet which impacted my left carotid artery. While being attended to by my two neighbors, both with medical backgrounds, I began to go into shock. Soon, I started experiencing a calmness that was totally out of the norm; especially considering that I had just physically assaulted my … Read more


I had surgery on my belly while under general anesthesia in a hospital. When waking up, I was constantly vomiting. Then I remember that I suddenly found myself like being isolated in my head, as if being in a fish bowl. I saw the silhouettes of the nurses and it was impossible for me to … Read more