I was bleeding internally so was immediately taken to surgery. I would have died for sure without surgery, or at least that is what everybody thought. It is like a miracle of odds that I survived and am doing very well today.

I distinctly remember feeling like I was being lifted. It was like I was in a transparent elevator moving towards a soothing light that did not even hurt my eyes. I saw planets unlike earth with just dust and rocks. It reminded me of mars or something like that. I was going up at a very fast speed and feeling very good at the time. Then suddenly it hit me that I was dying. I knew that I didn’t want to die so I prayed really hard to go back to my mom. I prayed to an entity whose presence I felt high above. I am not religious, but I felt somebody for sure towards whom I was being elevated. Then I got depressed and started praying harder and begging to be sent back to my mom because I didn’t want to die. Suddenly, I dropped down into my body and became conscious.

I was flooded with immense pain in the region where I had the surgery. I woke up after several hours but clearly remembered what I went through. I couldn’t speak for a few days as I had tubes in my mouth. When I could talk, I asked my nurse what happened to me in the operation theater. She told me that my heartbeat had stopped twice and I had died for a good amount of time. That is when I knew that what I felt was real.