When I was about 9 years old, my older brother and his friend were trying to make me faint. They had me stand against a wall while they simultaneously pressed on my heart and choked me. I heard them saying how it wasn’t working on me.

But around that time, I left my body and my spirit-form floated behind them. I was looking down on them still trying to get me to faint. My physical body began turning a shade of blue and when they took their hands off me it started sliding down the wall onto the floor. My spirit-form started drifting farther from them and up toward the ceiling. As I turned to look behind me, I saw a figure standing there in front of a cloud-parted ‘portal’ in the ceiling. He was gesturing for me to follow him. He was wearing a white, flowing robe and had long wavy brown hair but had no face. My memories now blot out his face and replace it with white light, but I recall when I saw him that I felt I had known him forever. I was wrapped in intense, overwhelming love and comfort. As I drifted behind him into the dimension beyond the ceiling, shadowy figures began appearing through this intense white light that surrounded me and cloaked me in serenity, joy, peace, love, and contentment. I became the very essence of all those things. There seemed to be dozens, even hundreds, of figures all around me mirroring this light and love. Two of the figures approached me and I saw that they were women shortly before their faces became visible. One had short, golden hair. She came forward to greet me. The other had short, black hair and she stayed behind the first one. The golden-haired woman talked to me for a long time. But the only thing I have the memory of her saying was at the very end of the conversation. She told me that it wasn’t my time, and that I still had many good and significant things to do in my lifetime. She said I was going to do a lot of much-needed good in my World. At first, I recall being very sad to leave and not wanting to leave the comfort of the realm I was in. However, I just as quickly understood that I had a strong purpose to be in my physical body and there was a reason it wasn’t my time.

I don’t recall being guided back to my physical body. I just remember opening the eyes to my physical body and seeing orbs of light floating all around me. As they slowly began to dissipate, my brother and his friend’s faces came into focus. They looked like they were looking at a ghost and both began hugging me and saying how glad they were that I was alive. They then started trying to explain what had happened while I was passed out. When I interrupted them by saying I saw the whole thing, they quickly wanted to hear the entire story. They believed me. However, anyone else I told in my family thought it was a crazy dream and never wanted me to talk about it again. I was treated like I was being disgraced and punished for talking about it, so I learned to keep quiet for many years. When my mother was showing me a family book, she showed me a picture of her mother’s mother. When I told her I already met her ‘over there’ she told me to again keep quiet about that. She didn’t believe me for a second. I then visited my great-grandfather some time later and discovered that the black-haired woman I encountered on the other side was his sister.