This experience happened during my attempt to take my own life. There was approximately 5 to 10 minutes before I began to slow my breathing. I slit a major artery in my wrist and began to slowly lose my life.

The warmth of something infinite began to reach out and absorb me. I went into a deep state of unconsciousness and then levitated over the landscape of the ambulance. The trees were moving. The sky was resplendent and beautiful. Someone told me in a gentle, yet stern, voice, ‘It’s not your time.’

I then vaguely remember letting go of a hand. I woke up. I was in an ambulance and a policeman was crying, ‘He was just too young, so young.’ As I instantly awoke, I asked him not to cry for me. The officer said, ‘Alright Spencer I won’t cry.’ I then entered the emergency room and saw lights everywhere. Later I found out that I saw lights that were not there.

I’ve taken much into account from my experience. Such as: 1) There is a reality beyond our finite mortal state; 2) our mortal condition cannot understand that infinite reality; and 3) Life is precious, don’t gamble with it.

Other sensations I’ve experienced during the duration of that time was numinous understanding, pure indivisible peace, unity of spirit, security, and white light that draws you in with overflowing warmth and comfort.