Joe H.

Bam! ‘That had to be a plane,’ I thought to myself. Nothing else could possibly be moving that fast. The force of the impact had snapped the drivers seat off and I felt the car being catapulted forward. That in itself was alarming. I had been traveling north on I-75 just north of Atlanta, GA … Read more

Bill VandenBush

  CLICK HERE FOR BILL’S BOOK! (Interview Recorded by NDERF 3/5/2004. Transcribed by Amey G. 7/5/2015). Hi, my name is Bill VandenBush and I’m the author of If Morning Never Comes. I’d like you to be aware of my book, I’m going to talk a little bit about my near-death experience and I’d also like … Read more


In the early winter months of 1998, I fell ill with severe stomach pain. At the time, I was only 13 years old and only concerned with playing sports and being with my friends as much as possible. The pain began as a very subtle pain that was located directly in the middle of my … Read more


The introduction: September 2012 — It was a normal average day and I was sitting on a chair having a cup of coffee. Suddenly I felt intense pain in my chest as if a knife was stuck into me. Finally, I decided to call the doctor just to be sure it was nothing serious which … Read more


Click here for Duane’s book! What started out as a minor health annoyance took a turn for the worse. The doctor handling my case called in a doctor from the Stanford Medical Center. After a thorough examination, my doctor was optimistic. He said they were developing a new breakthrough operation for what, until now, had … Read more