After trying to commit suicide due to my depressive condition resulting from a catastrophic life as a couple, I started to have a fulminating and medicinal hepatitis. The tests and prognosis of the doctors were leading me into an urgent liver transplant from an 80 year old donor. 15 minutes before the planned surgery, the … Read more

Hailey M.

I was going into surgery, for the third summer in a row, to try and correct a failed spinal fusion. This attempt was with larger screws and BMP (bone morphogenetic protein) instead of stem cells that didn’t work in the previous surgery. The last thing I remember is being in the operating room, joking with … Read more

Rob N

My Three Death Experiences Death Number 1 August 15, 2005. In the Detroit area in mid-August, they have what is called the ‘Dream Cruise’. It is the largest car show in the United States and more than one million people flock to this area for the event. Steve and Evelyn, who were my girlfriend’s parents, … Read more


I was at a party, and a guy told me he had some weed that was special. I’m not a weed smoker, but he was cute. I remember smoking a little, then getting up to walk, and then nothing. Suddenly, I was floating above myself; up against the ceiling like a balloon, and then softly … Read more

Bill VandenBush

  CLICK HERE FOR BILL’S BOOK! (Interview Recorded by NDERF 3/5/2004. Transcribed by Amey G. 7/5/2015). Hi, my name is Bill VandenBush and I’m the author of If Morning Never Comes. I’d like you to be aware of my book, I’m going to talk a little bit about my near-death experience and I’d also like … Read more

Jeff D.

I had been shot eight times, including one bullet which impacted my left carotid artery. While being attended to by my two neighbors, both with medical backgrounds, I began to go into shock. Soon, I started experiencing a calmness that was totally out of the norm; especially considering that I had just physically assaulted my … Read more


I am 65 years old and this happened to me in 1977, when I was 26. I am originally from the city of Isfahan, which is in central Iran, about 300 miles south of the capital Tehran. I had followed a friend’s suggestion and had taken a job in the city of Mashad, which is … Read more