Jeff D.

I had been shot eight times, including one bullet which impacted my left carotid artery. While being attended to by my two neighbors, both with medical backgrounds, I began to go into shock.

Soon, I started experiencing a calmness that was totally out of the norm; especially considering that I had just physically assaulted my assailant, forcing him to flee. As the calmness and totally peacefully feeling progressed, I soon saw my father along with another person that I could not identify. My father had died 30 years earlier and I was elated to see him. However, the shooting occurred in my next-door neighbor’s front yard. My 11-year-old daughter was inside my house during the shooting. I began praying as loud as I could, asking Jesus to let me live for the sake of my daughter. One of the neighbors had worked in the local Memphis Trauma Unit and she has stated that she believed that I was gone as well as stating that she could not hear my prayer. After asking Jesus to spare me, all the pain returned. My father and the other man disappeared. I got back on my feet and remained standing until the emergency medical technician (EMT) unit arrived.