Jan M.

I remember bits and pieces of the 10 days when I was in intensive care. My oxygen levels were in the 60% range and my kidneys were failing. My blood pressure was critical. I remember thinking that I did not want to die. I wanted to live for my family. There was a glowing figure … Read more

Cameron M.

This happened during my medically-induced coma of about three weeks in length. I was in a great white room that was rectangular in shape. I couldn’t see any of the walls, floors or ceiling, but my mind just tried to make sense of it all. The room was long, almost tunnel like. Close to the … Read more

Jeff D.

I had been shot eight times, including one bullet which impacted my left carotid artery. While being attended to by my two neighbors, both with medical backgrounds, I began to go into shock. Soon, I started experiencing a calmness that was totally out of the norm; especially considering that I had just physically assaulted my … Read more