It was the summer of 1995. I was 15 years old with my boyfriend at the time. We had been smoking some strong, super skunk weed when I started to feel very faint and sick. I could hardly stand up and my legs turned to jelly. I had never had this reaction to smoking weed before and all I wanted to do was collapse. I saw a bench on the other side of the street. We were just about to cross the road then everything went black. I collapsed and hit the back of my head on the pavement. I had a seizure, like an epileptic fit, for about 2 seconds. After the short fit, which I have never had prior to this event or after, my eyes opened as I gained consciousness.

I saw my boyfriend and two sweet women who had stopped to help. I was only out a few seconds, but I know I travelled to another world. I felt like I was there for hours and hours, but I couldn’t really put a time duration on it. All I know is it was a lot longer than a few seconds. I have no real memory from the other world that I travelled to, just I have the feeling that I travelled through the most beautiful paradise I have ever seen. When I reached the destination, I spoke to very wise knowledgeable beings, like God or Jesus. These people gave me knowledge and an understanding of the universe, which I wanted to share with people on this earth. Then everything was black again. It felt like all the memories of this beautiful amazing place and the people that I met, all the memories were taken from my mind, like sand falling through my fingers. Then I was falling backwards so fast and the memories were getting further away. I was trying so hard to fight it but the memories would not stay, all I could say to myself over and over was, ‘You must remember where you’ve been. You must remember where you’ve been.’ It felt like they or the other world did not want me to bring the knowledge back and I believe there is a reason for this. As I was telling myself, ‘You must remember where you’ve been,’ I could see blackness. I saw one vertical beam of bright white light in front of me that was flowing like electricity. This string of light then divided into three strings of slow-moving electricity/energy and started to change to colors of red, white and blue. Each string of light then shot off quickly and then each one started to spin around like planets in space. Each spinning planet gradually turned into the features of a face.

Then I realized that each one was a person looking at me as I was lying on the ground. One of the women said, ‘It’s ok dear, you’ve just had an epileptic fit.’ Her friend was there and my boyfriend was there too. I felt absolutely out of it for a few days after this. Strangely, the feelings I have from the memories of the other world that although I could not vividly remember them, seemed more real than my experience on earth. For years after this experience, I shrugged it off as a dream I had while unconscious. I attributed the experience to abnormal electricity in my brain during the seizure. But my husband told me about the NDERF website and I was amazed to read other people’s stories from around the world. I am now convinced that during my seizure, somehow I crossed over to the other world for those brief few seconds.