Donna W.

After the first impact, I felt myself outside of my body. There was no pain or body sensation. After the second impact, when the vehicle became separated from the train, it was thrown up and then came to a rest on the lateral train railing. I sensed myself in a funnel-like atmosphere. My life was … Read more

Patrick V.

When I was in my 30s, I became very depressed. Eventually it took me over completely and I decided to commit suicide. I took large doses of medication and went to bed. Eventually this stopped my body from working and I crossed time/space to another dimension. I looked up and heard a voice saying, ‘I … Read more


I had an asthma attack but worse than ever before. There was no air going in. I was being driven to the hospital and I knew I was going to die. We were about half way to the emergency room when something took over me and I remember rolling down the window to have the … Read more