Donna W.

After the first impact, I felt myself outside of my body. There was no pain or body sensation. After the second impact, when the vehicle became separated from the train, it was thrown up and then came to a rest on the lateral train railing. I sensed myself in a funnel-like atmosphere.

My life was regressing at a very fast pace in front of my eyes. At the same time, the most beautiful field of flowers with this awesome light was pulling me and it was the most wonderful sensation I had ever felt. I just wanted to go there really bad. The distressing part was that my young daughter was in the vehicle with me and I knew I had to stay and take care of her. I was getting close to being born on my life regression and I knew that if I returned to the womb there would be no return.

That’s when I took one last attempt to breathe. I came-to gasping for air, feeling the full pain in my body. I looked at my daughter and she was screaming with blood running out of her mouth. My father who was driving the vehicle was talking, basically pleading for forgiveness for having caused the accident.

I might add, before the accident occurred we did stop at the crossing and looked before proceeding. We did not see or hear anything.

I felt as if we were in another dimension. I heard the train whistle seconds before impact. The next few days I was in and out of seeing the light and field of flowers with this wonderful sensation pulling and the reality of being horizontal, worried that I might swallow the thermometer. Somehow we all survived this accident.

Although my father passed some years later, my daughter and I are still here. The other amazing thing is that physically from the outside you would never believe we were in an accident. The scars are few and hidden. Another odd thing is my father had taken his lunch for the day and the apple was split right down the middle as if with a knife during the accident. I remember this experience often and am no longer afraid of death or anything for that matter. The town took advantage of the fact that we didn’t die and was able to legally require the train system Norfolk Southern Railroad to put up much needed light and arms at the crossings.

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