Wendy S.

Feb 13th 2013. I spent the day at work during a large snow storm. I carry the auto immune disease Henoch-Shonliein purpura, very rare. [Editor’s Notation: An inflammatory disease of the small blood vessels.] I was currently taking medication for this. I left work around 4 pm. My legs and hands were swollen. I left work early because I did not feel well. I took a shower. When I got out, I called for my husband to let him know I didn’t feel well. I fainted just after that.

I instantly went to a place that was pure white light and beautiful. I had a conversation with my deceased parents. My Father died December 17, 2007, and my Mother died on my Father’s birthday, December 31, 2010. The love that was felt really isn’t like what we experience alive. It encompasses everything around you. There are no earthly words to describe it. I told my parents that I loved them and they reciprocated. I was present with them but could hear my husband and son in the background, like they were the dream. I struggled with wanting to stay there or come back to earth. It was an incredible place. I told my parents I could not stay, that my son needed a Mother. We told one another that we loved one another.

I awoke to the emergency medical technicians and ambulance at my feet. The emergency medical technician was calling in my blood pressure to the emergency room and it was 60/40 when it should be 120/80. I do believe I died that night and came back. I cannot wait to return!

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