Alana G.

As I am driving I see this huge black mass of darkness coming towards me and my vehicle from the right side of the road ahead of me. The darkness was like heavy dark thunderclouds but bigger and they covered the whole area. I was well aware of this darkness coming at me. I then saw a man driving a SUV who just ran the stop sign. I knew I was going to hit him because there was no time to stop, move, or to miss him. I then saw a huge male angel, who was over 15 feet tall, standing between the SUV and my vehicle, which was moving into head-on collision with the SUV.

Then I was walking through a huge portal, like an entrance door. Most of my body was all the way through the portal and I knew I was entering into another dimension.

I am a prophetic seer and have gone into other dimensions before this. However, I had never been through this portal, so it was a little different. The best way I can explain it is through Michio Kaku’s book ‘Beyond Einstein.’ He is a physicist and co-founder of the super-string theory. ‘The super-string theory might possibly change things for the process of fissioning from a ten dimensional universe down to a smaller universe probably created a new form of matter.’ We have a universe that is more than one-dimensional framework; however, we live in a one-dimensional realm.

In this NDE, I was entering into another dimension coming from my one-dimensional understanding. When I go from our one dimension into another dimension, I often find it hard to explain the experience coming from living in a one-dimensional realm. I was almost through the portal and heard a voice say ‘NO.’ The voice was not loud but I knew that all in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth, had to obey that Voice. I just knew there was an authority and everything had to obey that Voice. Then I heard the Voice say, ‘It is not her time.’

I then wake up in the ditch a couple of inches away from a telephone pole. I had been in a head-on collision at 50 miles per hour with no air bag. The injuries were intense, missing the main artery to my heart by 1/4 of an inch. I knew that the angel in front of the SUV was there to stop some of the impact of the force which helped save me. Thus, the angel was there to work with the Voice that said ‘No!’ I never saw the powers of darkness again.

The experience was both positive and negative in nature: the positive was God’s intervention in my life and negative in that I was very, very upset that He stopped my death by saying ‘NO.’ I often wish I could have gone totally through the portal and into the other dimension that day, but I am here for a reason. Since this experience, death is like a promotion to me. It is like walking through a door into the next dimension. 1Cor15:55: ‘O death where is thy sting?’ Since I am a believer/pastor my experience would have a spiritual aspect to it and I make no apologies for that.

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