While waking up during a bypass-surgery, I had an experience with light that I’m calling Déjà-vu. There have been countless documented near-death experiences of this stage of return. As my experience didn’t have a linear sequence of happenings and the timeline was playing the other way around, the term ‘Déjà-vu’ comes closer to what was experienced. Imagine the process if you would cut the timeline someplace with scissors, then also cutting the next piece, then twist these together at 180 degrees and then gluing it back. Reality becomes scrolled for the experiencer in a way that they are always aware what will follow in the next few seconds.


In the beginning of this vision, I could predict word-for-word the dialogs and actions happening in the environment upon waking. Then I would hear it again exactly as it happened. That timelines could scroll in the other sense was not something new to me. But that they happen to also be an exact part of reality and simply belong to the human body of experience, doesn’t fit with a linear view of the world. Nor can the intellect relate with this unbelievable experience. In order to process this experience, I for sure shall still need a number of stories and accounts from other metaphysical travelers to be able to obtain it’s quintessence. For some reason I received the gift of alternative time lines.


In the initial phase of waking up, I also received an experience with light of such a wonderful quality, that it is difficult to describe with words. I was shown three light waves on which today’s humanity is evolving. For the sake of logic, I’m defining them here as the self-imposed pathways of awareness, that each individual can take to obtain the best possible results from their particular choice. The first way is what the main part of the global population has chosen and the daily struggle is enacted in that timeline. I don’t want to give the impression that path is in any way better or superior than the other timelines. All experiences in human life eventually lead back to the divine light.


The second path was shown to me as a mixed way in a gray color. Here, euphoric phases are alternated in quick succession with depressive stages. It is as if people were switching between phases of competence and phases lacking of power, and then again to a new euphoric phase.


The third way is the one of the absolute victimhood. It was shown to me in colors dark and black. Power and responsibility were handed over to outer entities. Here only a very small part of the light spark can be addressed through motivation. Many beings of light from higher planes are providing a selfless service here, to again illuminate the way back to the light. This way corresponds with the absolute free choice of each individual as to whether they choose towards light or darkness.


I was also shown that in this darkness exists one of the most unbelievable choicess for humanity, because in this choice is also is the possibility to change the galaxy. The core truths of Love, Compassion, Kindness and Benevolence are towards what the human nature can and will evolve.


The first path of those three is so unbelievable for us incarnated beings. It can only be termed with definitions of Utopia, heavenly life of angels and/or ecstatic rapture.


There is a beautiful part of beings who always stay in this realm. They are dancing and singing through life. For them terms like synchronicity, grace, or cosmic guidance are the absolute central and essential elements in life. They realize how creation is working and that a life without the connection with the One Power of creation would disrupt everything. Humor, joy, fun, respect, compassion and gratitude is with them round the clock. In this wonderful place all fear is dissolved like mist in a brilliant sun. It is an all-encompassing field with absolute acceptance, comfort, peace, connectedness and a 100% awareness to be at the right place.


During this time of considering those things, I was guided by a wonderful being of light. I don’t remember somebody else or meeting a certain individual. Only those impressions of the light of love and the perfect comprehension and acceptance remained.


In that moment, it simply seemed unbelievable and impossible to choose another path than the one of the light. What illuminates my life again and again from my light experience, is the irrepressible joy and happiness of an experience of indescribable beauty. I believe that all the people go through this same wonderful experience in a state of separation of the body (general anesthesia, unconsciousness) unfortunately they cannot all remember it.


I felt pure love, shining brighter than anything you can imagine. Everything is as beautiful, as pure as love and compassion. So that when you cross the veil and return to the other side you are becoming a part of it. We are bathing in the beauty of the song that makes our heart singing – That’s God.


Nobody can give us something bigger. We wouldn’t see it or understand it. That’s Spirit in its highest form.


We as humans feel so alone and on our own. It’s such a crushing feeling to remain in this imagined separation of our most wonderful thing and then to feel this earthly experience so painfully.


In the middle of life, a light experience happens that sweeps away all the reactions about this imaginary separation and dissolves the last doubts with this pure white light like a fog. It’s the disintegration of a self-constructed veil that prevented a realization that all people are entitled to have as their birthright. It’s delightful to know that the light is the most wonderful symphony in the cosmos and that it contains the colors and the sense of touch of the most beautiful experiences. A wonderful soul experience, that is imprinted in the deepest cells of the body.


For a moment I was on this other side of the veil. I was allowed to be part of this wonderful source of creation. Together with billions of points of light, which we call angel beings, shining brighter than the light. I was in the company of the highest compassion, with the highest Love.


All media, the total daily literature is filled with the dramas happening around the globe every minute.


How can somebody get the idea to write a text motivating us to get another point of view about the calamities in the world? What is motivating him to see the good in all those events, even if they might be so disturbing? That’s probably the one decisive question for the survival of manhood. Thought power of the whole humanity is used to bring anarchy and separation between people. Human thoughts are creative and should, and can, be guided by us into appropriate pathways.


It depends on all of us to exercise our responsibility and to realize the true impact of our actions here in its entirety. We can’t avoid to completely step away from all dramas. Disasters and calamities of humanity want to invite us to send our compassion and our benevolent energy generously towards the concerned people. Something which should be rather considered normal if our brothers and sister are in need.


Even if the spiritual life can’t be proved 100%, there are irrefutable testimonies of this process. For me this process of evidence became superfluous since my light experience. Even though I got some distance to this wonderful experience; looking back, I know that this experience has been burned indelibly into my memory. Our home is with and in our soul. A connection that remains inextricably and eternal. Such an illuminating event, filling us with a longing, singing our names in the eternal light. Such a wonderful symphony, which is always moving us to tears.

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