I had a fast childbirth, but the doctor was not ready. I was not in delivery room, but in a labor room. The nurse tried to get me to not push while on the way to the delivery room. My baby came out in one push. The doctor stood at the table. I lifted my head and asked what was wrong. I saw the placenta was almost shredded. They were counting the coils.


I had horrific pain in my right, lower abdomen for three days after giving birth. The medical staff kept telling me it was after-pains. This was my second child and I knew they were wrong. I had fever of 104F degrees. On the third night after delivery, I got up to go to bathroom and felt something fall out of me. It was black mass that was part of shredded placenta. I started hemorrhaging onto floor. I hollered for help and nurses got me to bed. I called my husband and told him what happened. I told staff that I was going to pass out.


I realized that I was watching from ceiling. Curiously, a part of hospital room wall was gone. I saw one of the nurses raise her arm to give me a precordial thump. Then, I noticed a stairway with two people. I went to the people, who escorted me up stairway. I felt the most wonderful feeling of love and peace that surrounded me. I never wanted this feeling to end. I walked out onto a beautiful garden, where my great-grandmother was waiting for me. She was young, but I knew it was her. She talked to me for a long time. We walked in that beautiful place and she told me that it was her garden. Then we walked to a huge, jeweled gate. I could see golden shimmers beyond the gate. My great-grandmother told me I couldn’t go past the gate because it was not my time. I protested and she pushed me. I fell into my earthly body.


Nobody would listen to what I had seen. It took a long time to heal. I know what happened to me all those years ago and stand by what I felt and saw.

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