Mitchell K.

This is the first time I wrote down my experience. I needed my wife to understand. The Coconut Effect On November 9, 2014, in the late afternoon I was truly in the moment, standing on a beach with the Atlantic Ocean’s warm waters lapping at my feet. I was enjoying the sounds of the ocean … Read more

Yvonne N.

This was written only a couple months after the experience. It is posted in my blog. I was still recovering from major brain surgery and trying to find words for what I had experienced. I gave the surgeon a high-five and told him, ‘You’ll be a rock star!’ as I was being rolled into the … Read more

Shara G.

Sound and music are two different qualities of expression, and both have always been equally important to me as an extension of my artistic nature. I didn’t choose either as a career or vocational path. I focused, instead, on graphics arts because I needed a dependable paycheck. Over the past three decades, I became so … Read more

Patrick V.

When I was in my 30s, I became very depressed. Eventually it took me over completely and I decided to commit suicide. I took large doses of medication and went to bed. Eventually this stopped my body from working and I crossed time/space to another dimension. I looked up and heard a voice saying, ‘I … Read more

Nancy L.

I have written many blogs about several near death experiences. This one continues to be life changing. After 30 years, I still feel deep emotion when I think of it. I almost have to go backwards to tell this story. I remember someone calling my name. When I finally came around, I learned it was … Read more


I can recall that everything around me, everything my eyes can see, and my reality disappeared. It felt like it dropped, I went up, or out of it. It was like everything you can see with your eyes became liquid and dropped down. I can remember that I was seeing reality became liquid and that … Read more