I can recall that everything around me, everything my eyes can see, and my reality disappeared. It felt like it dropped, I went up, or out of it. It was like everything you can see with your eyes became liquid and dropped down. I can remember that I was seeing reality became liquid and that all the colors on earth were traveling with my presence inside of it. I was traveling at high speed through some sort of pipeline leading to a hole. I was like a swirl such as like water being sucked down a hole in the sink. Once I was through the hole, I heard several noises like I was going through a sound barrier ‘bof, bof, bof.’ I was tumbling and had difficulty flying straight like I was in space. I remember being very cold. I could hear myself thinking, ‘It’s so cold.’ I felt frightening for a second. Then I saw what looked like a black hole. I reminded me of the movie ‘Contact’ with Jody Foster. I saw flashes of very blight light. I did not want to go through the back hole but I had to go. I had no choice in the matter. I just tumbled or flew through it downwards. Then I was in a black void, nothingness. But, I was still able to think. I heard my deceased grandmother talking to me and it felt like I could hear her thoughts as she addressed them to me. It was like she was talking through means of telepathy. I remember thinking, ‘I am dead. But I don’t want to be dead. I have to take care of my best friend and dogs. Then I heard another voice. This time it was an unfamiliar female voice asking me, ‘Do you love Malcolm?’ That is the name of my best friend. It felt like I was arguing to plead my case to stay alive for those reasons. Then I flew back the way I came. I again heard the three short noises like going through a sound barrier ‘bof, bof, bof.’ I then saw myself from above. Everything was spinning, yet I still could see myself getting closer and closer to my body.

Then I opened my eyes while sitting on my knees screaming, ‘Yes, I love Malcolm!’ I remember I had a feeling that everything is going to be O.K.