Angela M.

MY DEATH I glanced up on the large clock on the wall beside me. 02.45. I must have dozed off. Days and nights seemed to blend into each other as my need for sleep grew more and more inevitable. Pain had become my only friend. I really had no expectations left of recovery. I was … Read more


I can recall that everything around me, everything my eyes can see, and my reality disappeared. It felt like it dropped, I went up, or out of it. It was like everything you can see with your eyes became liquid and dropped down. I can remember that I was seeing reality became liquid and that … Read more

Cristine (OBE)

It happened August 29th on Friday afternoon 1997. I stood with a shovel on the slope along the east side of my home where I had begun digging up grass to start a new garden. I stopped for awhile and leaned against my shovel while thinking of the wonderful conversation I had with a doctor … Read more

Bart R.

I have done landings like this thousands of times without any injury. But the sun apparently hid the wires, or at least I had no idea the wires were there. Had I been flying ten inches higher, this would have been a typical landing. I didn’t see the wires and never felt the crash. My … Read more