Anan B.

My Grandmother (Nan) had died 3 days before the experience and I was very close to her. When she died, I asked to be alone with the body for a few moments. During that time, I sang her a song as a parting gift. On the third day after she died, I went to sleep and had a dream so vivid that I can still recall the details clearly today.

In the dream I felt completely disembodied. I was floating in the middle of the living room. My Mum and brother (who are both alive) were sitting watching the TV. I could see my Nan in the kitchen making something. The kitchen and living room were connected by a hatch that was a square hole in the wall about 4 feet off the ground. I turned to my Mum and said ‘Nan is alive.’ My mum said ‘No.’ My brother stood up and walked out and then appeared in the kitchen talking to my Nan. I then floated to the hatch and said to my Nan ‘So you made it to heaven.’ My Nan replied, ‘No, I just found God.’ Then she turned to point out the window and as she did, I felt myself grow very small as I floated through the hatch. Then I floated towards the window and there was a net curtain on the window. I floated between the fibers of the of the curtain without disturbing them. In a great rush, I flew towards the sky and it was the most dazzling blue I had ever seen. I felt at peace.

A few years before my Nan died and I was feeling very philosophical. I once said to her, ‘God is the horizon I run towards and even if I never touch it I will always run towards it’. And that ‘the sky was the horizon between this world and the next’. I feel that this dream was her parting gift to me.