Sandy R.

I have one daughter living with us at the time from a previous marriage, he had twin daughters, full grown living on their own. His twins would come over for dinner sometimes.

My husband and I were coming home from picking up 4 stools from the furniture store so our daughters would have a place to sit at the kitchen counter while we cooked and talked together. My husband stopped for gas on the way home from the furniture store. It had snowed the day before but the roads were clear except for along the sides. As I was sitting in the van while he pumped gas, I heard, mentally, (not out loud) one of his daughters say to me: ‘You will be sad for a while, but then you’re going to be alright.’ That was all she said, but I could not figure out which twin had said it and this bothered me because they are so much alike. Plus, then I was struck with true sadness and grief as though someone had died and I was mourning already. I felt this way all the way home which was about 2 miles. We got home and my daughter said the police had called while we were furniture shopping and to call them back. I did call them. Well, the police came to our house and told us Desiree was dead from a car accident, and her fianc´┐Ż was in the hospital with serious injuries but was expected to live.