Mark F.

The first experience I remember was that there were several of us family members in beds set up for the funeral/wake. Sometime during the night while we were all sleeping there was a large thud of something crashing. We all promptly awoke and investigated the noise from within the room and found that a LARGE … Read more


My mother passed away from ALS complications in July of 2014. It wasn’t unexpected, the disease tends to take individuals faster the older they are- the doctors had given my mom about 3 years from the date of diagnosis. My mother and I had a close relationship when I became an adult and I considered … Read more

Sandy R.

I have one daughter living with us at the time from a previous marriage, he had twin daughters, full grown living on their own. His twins would come over for dinner sometimes. My husband and I were coming home from picking up 4 stools from the furniture store so our daughters would have a place … Read more

Susan J.

My son passed away Oct 20, 2014. I had been dying my hair for years to cover the gray. At this time, I decided that it was something I didn’t care about anymore, and was not doing it. I felt like part of me had also died, and didn’t care anymore about dying my hair, … Read more


There were voices during a life-threatening event. Then I saw and heard deceased or spiritual beings such as angels, archangels, and deceased beings. This was very limited during dying. After surgery when I did die, I hovered above my body. I saw and heard the people in the operating room trying to revive me. I … Read more