There were voices during a life-threatening event. Then I saw and heard deceased or spiritual beings such as angels, archangels, and deceased beings. This was very limited during dying. After surgery when I did die, I hovered above my body. I saw and heard the people in the operating room trying to revive me. I was whisked through the hospital floors and rooms, still observing those who were in attendance of my surgeries. They were trying to revive me before I passed over.

Then I saw three people who had also just passed over, but I am unsure if it was the same hospital. I am not sure if it was minutes or hours when these beings spoke either encouraging words or words of warning. I remember those occurrences in detail. I think I was in a dark void and scared before they came to help me rise. I started to further separate from the scene and went through the ceilings, up to the sky, and into orbit. I heard two angels talking and struggling with me because of my weight and another reason.

Then they handed me over to Jesus. When I was in heaven, or some may term it something else, I saw angels and God. God communicated directly and through an Angel. I saw biblical people I had not learned of yet. At another point closer to the beginning I think, I was in a court setting for my life review. I was shown what happened to me, my life, my sins, my love, and forgiveness of others by me. I cried for my sins, my shame, and my repentance. I was very shameful, mortified and sorry. At one point, I saw where my physical body was being healed.

I may have been about 3 hours in heaven.

Then I came back as they were wheeling me to the incinerator in the morgue. I woke up and slightly crying as the two orderlies were wheeling me away.