I was with friends enjoying the evening. One of my friends decided to punch me in the chest in an attempt to make me play ‘the knockout’ game. I was furious.

But before I could react, I found myself in the greenest field and landscape I’ve ever seen. At the end of the field was what looked like a beach or cove with high cliffs. On my way to the beach, I realized I wasn’t walking or running. I was just in a timeless float to the beach. On the way there, I realized several things at once. I had no body but if I wanted to see my hands, they appeared but not solidly. I also realized that the only feeling was bliss, like being wrapped in a blanket of love.

When I reach the cove, there are several shapes coming to me. I realize the closest shape as my grandfather who starts laughing and telling me that, ‘All is well.’ The others people don’t allow me to see their faces. I asked who they are and why I can’t see them. All my grandfather said was that they loved me and wanted me to know that. Being adopted, I think they may be biologically associated to me, but I don’t know for sure. Soon, my grandfather said it was time to go. I gave no thought about the physical place I just was in. Earth never crossed my mind. I was home and wanted to stay. My grandfather laid me down, said ‘bye’ and then he made me repeat a phrase over and over. I knew instantly that I was to repeat it as soon as I woke up. And I did. Soon, full consciousness hit me hard. I opened my eyes and saw all I my friends gathered around me looking down at me on the floor. My first words were, ‘Quick! What was I just repeating?’ They all said they didn’t know. They were too scared at what had happened and they were working on bringing me to consciousness. I still don’t remember what the phrase was.