Susan J.

My son passed away Oct 20, 2014. I had been dying my hair for years to cover the gray. At this time, I decided that it was something I didn’t care about anymore, and was not doing it. I felt like part of me had also died, and didn’t care anymore about dying my hair, or make up…. just didn’t matter. On this day, I was looking at myself in the mirror, after just drying my hair. And after six months or so, I was seeing how gray my hair really was under the brown dye. In the front, there is a very white patch. I was looking at it, and said out loud, ‘I like the white part… I feel ancient. Ian, you wouldn’t even recognize me now!’ And I heard ‘Ma! I see you every day!’ In his voice, in his tone, with the same style of sarcasm. It was instant, no time for me to think it up.

It made me laugh. I hadn’t laughed much in months…..