Kathy K.

My Aunt passed away in August this year-2015 (my mom’s sister) but the dream I had was only of my mom. My aunt has been like my 2nd mom ever since mom passed away in Dec 2009. I should add too that the last month or so has been very stressful for me, as I am the only one taking care of all of her affairs now, so I am a bit overwhelmed. One night a couple of weeks ago (I’d say approx Sept 13, 2015) I had a vivid dream that I was by myself in my Aunt’s house after she passed away and I was standing in her kitchen, facing her living room. I immediately had this thought to myself ‘wow, the house is so strangely quiet’, (she usually had her TV blaring when I’d visit once a week). As soon as I had this thought to myself I looked slightly to my right and my Mom was standing there. All she did was reach down and pick up my hand and held it in hers, and with her other hand just started stroking my hand, heavily, but very slowly. I fully remember it felt like it conveyed to me NOTHING BUT LOVE. She said nothing and I said nothing. I was just in awe of what was happening and it felt so real. This stroking of my hand…it was a deliberate and purposeful kind of stroking and felt like she cared deeply what I was going through (am still going through) and she is always there by my side. The last thing I remember in the dream is looking down at her hand while she was still stroking it. It was HER hand, same pudgy fingers and all. After I awoke it really didn’t make me sad. I felt deep down that it was a visit from my mom letting me know everything was going to be OK and I still remember it so vividly. I feel happy about it because it’s something I will always treasure.