I was working in a pet shop and the wife of the owner was in the shop. At 6 p.m., she had to go to a fundraising dinner for doghouses, so we decided to smoke one cigarette together.

It was Saturday and a foggy day. I turned to have a look at the window with the Christmas decorations I had placed there earlier. I vaguely recollect turning again toward the wife of the owner and heard my name being called twice. Then I heard nothing else. I was in a full void and what I report is what she told me. I believe she may have lost 10 years of life that evening. I had very strong convulsions and was foaming from my mouth. Strangely and thanks to God, my neighbor, together with her husband who was in the army, for some reason came back in the shop. My convulsions lasted 14 minutes. Her husband saw my lips turned purple and I no longer had a pulse. The ambulance was on its way. He immediately performed CPR on me.

I remember PERFECTLY that I entered a dark tunnel. I was blissfully flying, laughing and happy like I never have experienced before. Around me it seemed to be snowing. I was flying. The air was cool and I could hear happy laughter. I don’t know what blocked me, what or who sent me back.

I regained consciousness after 1-1/2 hours in the emergency room. I had already undergone a certain amount of medical exams and was diagnosed with general photosensitive myoclonic epilepsy. And they said that I wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for my neighbor’s husband, I would have certainly died. Since then, I often come to think about this experience. It has been awesome. I really wish I could know who sent me back. I am no longer afraid to die. At my time, I shall be serene.