Michael F.

I was sitting at home drinking beer but I was not drunk. I was struggling, for the first time, with addiction and really didn’t understand recovery/rehabilitation. My friend came over and we took some cocaine/heroin and we left to go for car ride. Boom, out of no where, I had a seizure from being overdosed. My friend took me to the Emergency Room. I was out of my body and hovering over myself. I saw him throw me from the car and run out the door. The nurses didn’t know my name or anything about me. They cut my clothes off and rifled through my wallet to find my identification. Next thing I remember was floating through walls. I followed the Emergency Room doctor, nurses, and trauma team as they took my body down the hall. Then they got my body on a table. Then I was over my body near the ceiling at the same level as the exam lights.

The nurses were able to contact my Mom.

I floated over the exam table and I saw one doctor and three nurses. I saw a heart monitor, another table, and an oxygen tank. I saw my body with all kinds of tubes coming out of me. I was naked, but the clothes are still there, just underneath my body. I don’t know what’s going on. I feel a little scared or uncertain about what is going on.

Then I floated through the wall and looked down to see my mother and Aunt Barbara. My mom didn’t have access to a car and it was close to 1 a.m. in the morning, so they were hysterically crying and trying to look through the triangular window in the door to the room that I’m in. Now, I float back into the room where they are working on me. I can see my mother crying through the little window and I remember getting scared because I knew I was doing wrong. All of a sudden, I was sucked back into my body. During those two seconds I heard a warm, kind, and soothing voice say, ‘Go back, not now.’ Then swoosh, I was back in my body.

Two days later I came out of the coma. I asked the doctor and nurse who came in, ‘Where’s my MOM?’ They responded, ‘She is not here.’ I say, ‘How about my Aunt Barb?’ They say, ‘She is not here either.’ About a hour later, my mom shows up very relieved. I started to tell her what I felt and saw. She couldn’t believe it. Even the details about their clothes was right. Ironically, my Aunt Barb should not have been the one to give my mom the ride. That detail helped to verify the reality of what I saw. She is third on the list of who would be my mom’s emergency contact. This really freaked me out and I start telling people about it. Everybody tells me that I’m nuts and don’t know what I’m talking about. I started to go to Narcotics Anonymous get sober go to rehab and begin a prayer life. That was twenty-five years ago. This experience is the only vivid word-for-word memory I remember in detail. I don’t remember my proms, birthdays, or anything. Yet this experience I always have fresh in my mind. When a TV show or something comes on about NDE, I can’t believe how similar my experience was to what they describe.