I had an asthma attack but worse than ever before. There was no air going in. I was being driven to the hospital and I knew I was going to die. We were about half way to the emergency room when something took over me and I remember rolling down the window to have the air rush in and hopefully force itself in to my lungs. Anything to breathe. Then, at the top of my lungs, I screamed somebody help me. I remember looking at the person driving me and although I could not talk, I was shaking my head in disbelief because I did not yell that out the window. Something else took over me and yelled out the window. I was unable to talk so there was no way I could scream. Everything went to white after that and the next thing I knew I was in intensive care unit. Later that same night, in the darkened, isolated room, a nurse came in and said this is going to hurt you. It was the longest blood draw I’ve ever had and I could never see her face. It was like she had no face only white. She reassured me I’d be ok through this pain. I felt as if I was on the border between light and dark. I couldn’t allow the darkness to come in and refused to pay attention to it. Then, the nurse was gone and I never saw her depart. I don’t think she was in this dimension to be honest. That’s my first experience.

The second time, I was also near death due to asthma. This was different. I knew I was losing air and saw my fingers and toes turning blue. I couldn’t speak. I believe I lost consciousness but remember everything around me being bright white light. I was above my body and could see myself being wheeled out to the ambulance. I was not moving but remember seeing myself there. It was all okay though. I was calm and felt at peace with not coming back. Relaxed and like everything was going to be fine from now on because all the other stuff didn’t matter anymore. According to my boyfriend, I was in the ambulance for about 25 minutes before they drove away. I came around in there and may have been intubated. I am not certain of what happened but awoke, again screaming at the top of my lungs and wondering who was doing the screaming. Something else took over me in both cases.